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My decade that was: from trauma to triumph

The decade that was the 2010s:
2010: Re-establishing business after devastating fire.
2011: Suddenly single after 37 years. Not. My. Choice.
2012: Legally single.
2013: In a deep dark hole of nothingness.

An epiphany – a light came on.

2014: Changed my name. New beginnings.
2015: Caring for mother. Joy within sadness.
2016: Financially single. Free at last.
2017: Back to Uni.
2018.: Moved house. A new home. A new community.
2019: Completed a Masters in Human Nutrition. My crowning glory.

In summary: It is never too late to find your true self and live your dreams.

My goals for the 2020s:
1. Save up for & buy an electric car.
2. Save up for and install a battery so my home may become energy self-sufficient.
3. Reduce my energy foot-print in my consumption patterns.
4. Write:
* A memoir on my family history
* A memoir on surviving then thriving after crises
* Educational literature on nutrition
5. Become a guiding light both professionally and personally for those in need

In summary: finding my voice and speaking my truth.

Leonie Elizabeth
03 January 2020
Image courtesy[digitalart]

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