– Motherhood – Image by Leonie Elizabeth 19 June 2015



I hear the sound of their laughter,
riding their bikes down the path.
I hear their squeals of joy,
playing rubber duckies in the bath.

I hear them playing ‘squeaky games’;
in the car, at the park, at the beach.
I hear the sound of the piano,
to the depths of my soul, it does reach.

I hear poems, stories, speeches,
‘Who’s on first’, was not the last.
I hear the sound of computer keys,
stirring up memories of the past.

We have teddy bear picnics on the lawn,
underneath the grand old tree.
We walk together to the river,
one united happy family.

They score a goal, they run, and they swim.
I clap and cheer out loud.
They grow, they learn, they graduate.
I am so happy and – oh, so proud!

I hear the sound of their voices.
I see brimming smiles on their face.
They run with outstretched arms to greet me.
and hug me with memories,
of another time and place.

Copyright © Leonie Elizabeth 2013












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