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– TRUST – Image Leonie Elizabeth 21 June 2015



It matters not I have loved and lost.
To have loved has made me soft.
To have lost has made me strong.

It matters not I felt hurt and betrayed.
The hurt has taught me how to heal.
The betrayal has taught me how to forgive.

It matters not I was left alone and scared.
When alone, I came to know myself.
When scared, I came to know courage.

It matters not I felt pain and sorrow.
From the blackness of pain, I found hope.
From the depths of sadness, I found kindness.

It matters not I lost trust and truth.
In losing trust, I learned about truth.
In losing truth, I learned to trust …

Trust in the softness of healing,
Trust in the strength of forgiveness,
Trust in the hope of courage,
Trust in the truth of kindness,
Trust in myself.

Copyright © Leonie Elizabeth 2013.





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