My Awakening

Blackmans Bay Sunrise
– The Awakening – Image Leonie Elizabeth 27 June, 2017


I thought you were my safe haven
of stability and security;
My thoughts let me down.
I dreamed you were my future
and the love in my heart:
My dreams tore apart.

I felt you took from me:
the innocence of my youth,
the confidence in myself,
the purpose of my living,
the control over my destiny.

I gave you trust
and love and care and devotion.
I gave you all,
until I had nothing left.

I slept in the darkness of nothingness,
in the prison of despair,
until the truth awakened me.

I am my own safe haven
of strength and courage,
I will never let me down.
I am the dreams for my future.
I am the hope in my heart.

I have:
the wisdom of experience,
compassion in my soul,
choices for my destiny.

I am the purpose for my living.

Trust in myself is the light in my darkness.
Truth is my freedom from despair.

Copyright © Leonie Elizabeth January 2014.


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