Online Communication

Developing my online persona

Week #1

I am currently studying for a Master Of Human Nutrition at Deakin University.
As part of that course I am able to study two non-nutrition units. One I have chosen is ALC708 and as part of that unit we are to develop our online persona.

Two years ago I retired after 36 years of managing a family dental practice.
I have had professional experience in nutrition consulting and community pharmacy.
I have completed research of a community survey in perceived food sensitivities.
I have completed a course and have experience in book editing and writing.
I have been active in the community, am passionate about the environment and human rights, and have been involved in various community campaigns.
In my retirement I have been enjoying writing, singing in a choir, reading and writing poetry and am slowly beginning the long-awaited task of organising my family photos and heirlooms.

Thus the difficulty for me was wondering which ‘persona’ I wanted to develop.

After viewing the example of the Unit Chair, Adam Brown,  I decided to set up an overarching website that could encompass all my identities, my professional history, my passions and interests; and where I could provide links to further details on them.

And so was borne my new website all about me.

I have set up a page which links to my blog posts; and a separate page where I will link directly to the posts where I write specifically for the Unit ALC 708.

I have also begun setting up my website on Food and Nutrition which is linked here.

I am looking forward to developing both these websites and learning skills for embedding videos, podcasts and suchlike as the unit progresses.

Thanks Adam and Emma for all your help. I felt quite daunted this time last week, and I am now settling in.

signing off




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