Online Communication

Legal aspects and copyright

Week # 3.

We had quite an informative ZOOM session with Emma on Friday.

I already knew some things about copyright – or so I thought. However, the law is far more complex than I knew and, in particular, what one can and cannot do online.

I had previously thought that as long as attributions were given then it was acceptable to use small portions of other people’s writings, images or video clips (up to 10%). This is not so. Permission or a licence to use needs to be sought. This is reasonable because of all the work a creator has done in the original work. The advice from Emma was to only use work listed on the creative commons website, under the guidance of the licence given. Better still, steer towards developing our own creative material as much as possible.

I have taken this on board and aim to devote more time to taking and using my own photos and other materials as I develop my websites.

Emma also showed us how to do linking in our acknowledgements, and linking so that they open in a new tab. I thought I had been doing that correctly but I hadn’t! After the session, I went back through my websites and correctly attributed photos and correctly fixed all the links so they open correctly. This took me quite some time and I am grateful that I learned this now, still relatively early in my websites’ creations.

Emma, I have also now explored your website. I love the creative way you have formed text within your own blogposts on your website (such as in the vegan post). I had never heard of the term ‘intersectional feminist’ before. I looked this up and fully support these beliefs.

I have enjoyed exploring the websites of others in the course (both students and tutors). The personal interest stories fascinate me as much as the professional personas.

Thanks again Emma and to all the participants in a fantastic session!

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